Doctoral Research Fellow positions in History of Philosophy 600 BC - 1800 AD
The Faculty of Humanities/ The University of Oslo

Two PhD positions in History of Philosophy till 1800 are vacant at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK). http://www.hf.uio.no/ifikk/english/ The research training will be associated with the project History of Philosophy 600 BC-1800 AD: Research Training. http://www.hf.uio.no/ifikk/english/research/projects/history-of-philosop... Priority will be given to strong applicants in ancient philosophy.

The appointment is for a period of 3 years and the doctoral thesis is expected to be completed within the given time frame.

The person appointed will be affiliated with the Faculty's organized research training. The academic work must result in a doctoral thesis that will be defended at the Faculty with a view to obtaining the degree of PhD. The successful candidate is expected to join the existing research milieu or network and contribute to its developement.


-A Master degree or equivalent. The master degree or equivalent has to be achieved by the time of application.

Qualifications and personal skills
In assessing the applications, special emphasis will be placed on

-The applicant’s academic and personal qualifications in order to execute the project
-The applicant’s ability to complete research training
-Good collaboration skills and an ability to join interdisciplinary academic communities
-The project’s scientific merit, research-related relevance and innovation

Applicants who have recently graduated with excellent results may also be given preference.

We offer:

-Pay grade 50 - 56 (NOK 416 600 - 460 400 per year, depending on qualifications)
-Professional development in a stimulating working environment
-Good welfare benefits


Applicants must submit all of the following attachments with the electronic application, in a word- or pdf-format: 

-Application letter - what is your motivation for applying to Faculty of Humanities?
-Curriculum Vitae
-A list of published and unpublished work, if applicable
-Transcript of records of your master degree. Foreign applicants are advised to attach an explanation of their university's grading system.
-Research proposal (see below)

Our electronic recruitment system will ask you to upload the attachments in the above mentioned order. Transcript of records should be uploaded as 'Attachment' under 'Other'. Please note that all documents must be in English or a Scandinavian language.

Research proposal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
The research proposal must not exceed 14,000 characters including spaces and is expected to answer the following seven areas:  

-Main objective and summary of the project
-Background of the project
-Theoretical framework
-Research question(s) and expected findings (hypothesis)
-Proposed dissemination
-Progress Plan

All research proposals must be based on this template and applications with a research proposal longer than 14,000 characters will not be considered. A list of publication no longer that 3000 characters can be submitted additionally. 

Educational certificates, master theses and the like are not to be submitted with the application, but applicants may be asked to submit such information or works later.

Interviews will be part of the application process.

The University of Oslo has an agreement for all employees, aiming to secure rights to research results a.o.

The University of Oslo aims to achieve a balanced gender composition in the workforce and to recruit people with ethnic minority backgrounds.


Application Deadline: September 1, 2012

More information & contact information: http://uio.easycruit.com/vacancy/770981/61723?iso=gb


To all Philosophy graduate students

The Northern Institute of Philosophy invites applications for ...

5 SUMMER GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS: spend nine weeks this summer in this stimulating research community in Aberdeen. For more information, see here.

2 FULLY FUNDED PHD SCHOLARSHIPS: these three year awards are available to UK, EU and international students. For more information, see here.

To all undergraduate Philosophy students

The Northern Institute of Philosophy is delighted to announce ...

This innovative form of Masters programme, with a principal emphasis on research, is unique to Aberdeen and the Northern Institute. It is designed for able graduates with a reasonably broad undergraduate philosophical experience who wish to begin to acquire the specialised skills needed for independent research in philosophy prior to application to PhD programmes. The programme will include elements of conventional Masters coursework but will involve a much greater explicit emphasis on research skills and practices than is normal in Masters courses in philosophy. These will be developed ‘hands on’ via participation in the collaborative research activities of the Northern Institute and the supervised pursuit of small research projects of one’s choosing. For more information, visit the NIP MRes website.
Tutkijapaikkoja haettavana

Filosofian valtakunnallinen tutkijakoulu julistaa haettavaksi 4 opetusministeriön rahoittamaa tutkijakoulutuspaikkaa nelivuotiskaudeksi 1.1.2010-31.12.2013. Palkallista tutkijakoulutuspaikkaa voivat hakea Filosofian tutkijakoulun opiskelijat ja muut suomalaisiin yliopistoihin väitöskirjaansa tekevät filosofian jatkotutkinto-opiskelijat.

Tutkijakoulutuspaikkaa haetaan vapaamuotoisella hakemuksella, joka lähetetään liitteineen sekä sähköpostitse (txt-, rtf- tai doc-muotoisina liitetiedostoina) että postitse Tommi Vehkavaaralle 30.9.2009 mennessä seuraaviin osoitteesiin:

s-posti: tommi.vehkavaara[at]uta.fi


Tommi Vehkavaara
Historiatieteen ja filosofian laitos
33014 Tampereen yliopisto

Hakemuksen liitteinä tulee olla:

1. Tutkimussuunnitelma (3-4 sivua).
2. Lyhyt CV (korkeintaan 1 sivu)
3. http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/historia/filosofia/tutkijakoulu/Haku2009_Tiivistelma.rtf Tiivistelmä hakijasta (lähetetään vain sähköpostitse).

Yksityiskohtaisempi hakujulistus
http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/historia/filosofia/tutkijakoulu/TUTKIJAOPISKELIJAPAIKKOJA%20HAETTAVANA2009.pdf .

Tommi Vehkavaara
Filosofian valtakunnallisen tutkijakoulun koordinaattori

Filosofian valtakunnallinen tutkijakoulu julistaa haettavaksi 2
opetusministeriön rahoittamaa tutkijakoulutuspaikkaa
nelivuotiskaudeksi 1.1.2009-31.12.2012.

Palkallista tutkijakoulutuspaikkaa voivat hakea Filosofian tutkijakoulun
opiskelijat ja Filosofian tutkijakoulun jäsenyyttä hakevat filosofian
alan väitöskirjantekijät. Etusijalle asetetaan sellaiset filosofian
jatko-opintojensa alussa olevat opiskelijat, joiden uskotaan pystyvän
suorittamaan tohtorin tutkinnon tuona aikana. Myös osarahoitusta jo
alkaneisiin tohtoriopintoihin voidaan hakea. Tietoa tutkijakoulusta sekä
ilmoittautumislomakkeen saa internetistä osoitteesta


Tutkijakoulutuspaikkoja haetaan vapaamuotoisella hakemuksella, joka
lähetetään *Tommi Vehkavaaralle torstaihin 13.11.2008 klo 15.00 mennessä*.

Hakujulistus, joka sisältää tarkemmat ohjeet, löytyy osoitteesta
Inom Linnéprojektet Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning utlyses minst en doktorandplats i kognitionsvetenskap, med placering vid Filosofiska institutionen i Lund. Länk nedan. Kontakta Peter Gärdenfors, peter.gardenfors (at) fil.lu.se, för upplysningar.

CCL-utlysning www.ht.lu.se/upload/LUPDF/HT/omradeht/ledigaanstlln/Utlysning_Linne_HT08.pdf
2 PhD Fellow Positions (Doctoral Scholarships)
TWO POSITIONS as PHD FELLOW (DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIPS, duration 3 years ) available at CSMN – Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, IFIKK, University of Oslo.

CSMN is a Centre of excellence in the Norwegian Research Council’s SFF-program. Its principal goal is to understand the characteristic features of human minds and their place in nature. This understanding is to be gained though a comprehensive study of central mental capacities as expressed in (1) rational agency, (2) linguistic agency and (3) moral agency.

CSMN’s research topics lie at the interface of philosophy and the empirical sciences; and in addition to purely philosophical research, it will conduct interdisciplinary research involving such subjects as linguistics, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, political science, economics and sociology.

Intending applicants should visit: http://www.csmn.uio.no/research/  for further information about CSMN’s research goals.

CSMN invites applications for 2 three-year PhD scholarships to be held in the rational or linguistic agency branch of CSMN. Candidates’ applications should make clear which of these two branches they would work in if appointed. Successful applicants have to secure admittance to the relevant PhD programs. PhD Fellows will undertake research training leading to the successful completion of a doctoral (PhD) degree.

The PhD Fellows who are appointed will have their workplace and academic contact at CSMN in Oslo. They will normally be supervised by one of CSMN’s core group members. These are Professors Cappelen, Fricke, Gjelsvik, Hansen, Hornsby, Pogge, Ramberg, and Wilson. Arrangements for co-supervision will be made where the principal supervisor is mainly resident outside Norway. Successful candidates will be expected to participate in CSMN’s PhD program.

For more information about the application process, see their full announcement:

Closing day for application:  October 20th,2008.
Two PhD studentships and two research fellowships (post doc), University of St Andrews, Foundations of Logical Consequence Project. Application deadline Sept. 30, 2008 and Sept. 26, 2008.

The Upsala University Department of Philosophy is now accepting applications for an opening in the Ph.D. program in history of philosophy.

Our Ph.D.program is a full-time four-year program. The first two years are financed by a scholarship, and the last two with an assistantship.
The successful candidate is expected to partake actively in seminars and other departmental activities. If the candidate selects to engage in teaching, the financing period will be extended proportionately, up to 20%.
An M.A. in philosophy (or the equivalent), with a focus on the history of philosophy, is a prerequisite for acceptance into the program.

The application format may be downloaded here.

The applicant should attach his or her thesis/theses, published papers, CV, a short dissertation proposal (4-5 pages) and other documents he/she deems relevant.

The application guidelines can be found at http://info.uu.se/uadm/dokument.nsf/sidor/D5D3E083C60591BFC1257212004AD7....

For further information, please contact the Chair of the department, Lars-Göran Johansson, by telephone (+46-184717361) or email lars-goran.johansson@filosofi.uu.se.

The application, with registration number, should be mailed to the registrar, Uppsala Universitet, box 256, 75105 Uppsala, no later than March 3, 2008.
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