POPlistoja V



Lisää poplistoja V

[listat 69–88]

Filosofit popissa vi

1 Ookla the Mok, “Stranger in the Mirror” (2005) (no existential bullshit from Camus or Billy Joel)
2 Brian McKnight, “On the Floor” (1995) (was it Socrates who said/ good to the last drop, lady)
3 Jack Johnson, “Inaudible Melodies” (2001) (well, Plato’s cave is full of freaks)
4 Sting, “Until” (2001) (if I was smart as Aristotle/ and understood the rings around the moon/ what would it all matter if you loved me)
5 2Pac, “Tradin War Stories” (1996) (motherfucking Tupac a.k.a. Makaveli)
6 Bob Dylan, “As I Went out One Morning” (1967) (to breathe the air around Tom Paine’s)
7 Duran Duran, “Last Chance on the Stairway” (1982) (funny it’s just like a scene out of Voltaire twisting out of sight)
8 Crash Test Dummies, “Afternoons & Coffeespoons” (1993) (times when the day is like a play by Sartre)
9 Freak Kitchen, “A Regular Guy” (1998) (remember when you were Gene Simmons/ I pretended I was Voltaire/ […] dig Quentin Tarantino films or maybe wear a tie/ instead I read Nietzsche and get a philosophic high/ please, let me be a regular guy)
10 Barbra Streisand, “Isn’t It a Pity?” (1999) (my nights were sour/ spent with Schopenhauer)

Filosofit popissa vii

1 Boy George, “Augustine” (2002)
2 Scritti Politti, “Jacques Derrida” (1982)
3 The Limeliters, “Harry Pollitt” (1996) (one of Lenin’s lads)
 4 Blackalicious, “Clockwork” (1999) (Socrates self is thoughtless/ […] I’m an ancient Zen master philosophic though)
5 Seconds to Mars, “Occam’s Razor” (2002)
6 Camille, “Vous” (2005) (c’est la faute de Voltaire/ ma dit ce cocu de cocker)
7 Darren Hayes, “The Great Big Disconnect” (2007) (you had Jesus with the palest skin/ you had Lenin but you wasted him)
8 Thrice, “So Strange I Remember You” (2002) (knee deep in Nietzsche’s lies)
9 Dexys Midnight Runners, “There, There, My Dear” (1980) (keep quoting Cabaret, Berlin, Burroughs, J. G. Ballard,/ Duchamp, Beauvoir, Kerouac, Kierkegaard, Michael Rennie)
10 Joshua Radin, “These Photographs” (2006) (you’re Simone de Beauvoir/ as you get out of the car)

Filosofit popissa viii

1 Kristin Hersh, “Houdini Blues” (1994) (I fell to the bottom of Thales’ well)
2 Wheatus, “The London Sun” (2006) (Socrates ain’t got nothin on me when it comes to thinking)
3 (Hed) PE, “Serpent Boy” (1997) (my logic, tight like Plato)
4 (Hed) PE, “Darky” (1997) (I desire knowledge by nature/ word to Aristotle)
5 Poe, ”A Rose Is a Rose” (1996) (when she refused Lenin)
6 LL Cool J, “After School” (2002) (girl named Kelly, rhinestones in her belly/ curly red hair, crackin jokes in the telly/ game concealed, a female Machiavelli/ hopin and prayin that I ain’t ready for the jelly)
7 Echo & The Bunnymen, “Ripeness” (1983) (I’ve discovered my Nietzsche)
8 Malcolm McLaren, “Paris, Paris” (1994) (une Simone de Beauvoir et deux singes en hiver)
9 Heinz Rudolf Kunze, ”Das Ultimatum” (1982) (dann greift er sich Immanuel Kant)
10 Shakira, “No creo” (1998) (no creo en Carlos Marx/ no creo en Jean-Paul Sartre)

Filosofit popissa ix

1 Wu-Tang Clan, “Triumph” (1997) (I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies/ and hypotheses can’t define how I be droppin these mockeries/ lyrically perform armed robbery)
2 311, “Livin’ & Rockin’” (1999) (Aristotle I’m not but think of Socrates/ so are you ready for your lesson blood/ democratic non erratic Socratic method)
3 Guerilla Black, “Compton” (2004) (call me Plato, I philosophy)
4 Rancid, “Start Now” (2003) (Machiavelli owns a machine gun now)
5 Something Corporate, “Ben Franklin’s Kite” (2000) (I’m so high, so high/ like Ben Franklin’s kite)
6 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, “Renegades of Funk” (1983) (like chief Sitting Bull, Tom Paine/ dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X)
7 Goo Goo Dolls, “Em Elbmuh” (1989) (stop practicing Dr. Marx and John Lennon)
8 Cassidy, “So Long” (2005) (all of that Lenin shit at time at time I’m just observing your menin)
9 Of Montreal, “The Miniature Philosopher” (1999) (there is no time for Nietzsche or Camus/ he’s a miniature philosopher/ he writes essays on Voltaire/ but if he died no one would care)
10 Van Morrison, “Meaning of Loneliness” (2003) (well, there’s Sartre and Camus, Nietzsche and Hesse/ if you dig deep enough, you’re gonna end up in distress)

Filosofit popissa x

1 Band of Horses, “St. Augustine” (2006)
2 Bob Dylan, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” (1967)
3 Sting, “St. Augustine in Hell” (1993)
4 Dizzee Rascal, “Live O” (2003) (Dizzee come old school like Aristotle)
5 Gavin Friday, “Caruso” (1995) (Leonardo! Marlon Brando! Machiavelli!/ and Bertolt’s Belly!)
6 Everlast, “Never Missin’ a Beat” (1990) (reading my good book or maybe some philosophy/ like Socrates and Plato)
7 Skyclad, “The Antibody Politic” (2000) (if there’s anyone else out there/ aiming sawn-off philosophy/ […] rise like Socrates and fight)
8 Esham, “Amen Another Sin” (1989) (and I brought death to the image of Lenin)
9 Les Négresses Vertes, ”Les rablablas, les roubliblis” (1988) (le jeune Albert et sa grande-mère/ ont lu Voltaire)
10 Duncan Sheik, “Time and Good Fortune” (2001) (taster of the poetry/ of Pater, Proust and Socrates)

Filosofit popissa xi

1 Bloodhound Gang, “Take the Long Way Home” (1999) (did you ever read Voltaire’s Candide)
2 MC Lars, “The Roommate from Hell” (2006) (he likes holding down Christians and reading Jean-Paul Sartre)
3 Asia, “Little Rich Boy” (1992) (don’t read Marx/ he’s a clean cut guy)
4 dada, “Information Undertow” (1997) (she reads Aristotle/ says she’s a model)
5 SHeDAISY, “Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (2000) (he’s reading Socrates and cooking French cuisine)
6 Stephen Bishop, ”I’ll Sleep on the Plane” (2003) (she was late to the party/ couldn’t find a thing to wear/ she looks just like Sharon Stone/ posing for Playboy/ while she reads Voltaire)
7 Bros, “When Will I Be Famous” (1987) (you’ve read Karl Marx/ and you’ve taught yourself to dance)
8 Wall of Voodoo, “Room With a View” (1985) (and I read Camus)
9 Suede, ”Cheap” (2002) (you never read de Beauvoir)
10 Tori Amos, “Rattlesnakes” (2001) (she reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance)

Filosofit popissa xii 

1 Buck, “Cautious” (1999) (picked up my Nietzsche radio, turn it up/ and here we go again)
2 Billy Idol, “World Comin’ Down” (2005) (from promises to preachers/ and nothing is Nietzsche/ and I can’t stand the church)
3 Ookla the Mok, “Theme from Super Skrull” (1998) (he’s as geechy as Nietzsche and that’s no bull)
4 Army of Lovers, “Also sprach Alexander” (1993) (the heretic Friedrich Nietzsche)
5 MC Lars, “Mr. Raven” (2004) (satanic raven, Nietzsche glee/ killing me softly like the Fugees)
6 Manic Street Preachers, ”1985” (2004) (so God is dead like Nietzsche said)
7 Michael W. Smith, “Angels Unaware” (1995) (God is dead like Nietzsche said)
8 Evol, “The Present Age” (that is our age, godless as Nietzsche said)
9 Tub Ring, “God Hates Astronauts” (2001) (what Nietzsche said is far from true/ because I’m far about still watching you)
10 The Anywheres, “End of the 6” (2006) (but this volume of Nietzsche is killing me/ if God is dead, well then, there’s something left for me)

Filosofit popissa xiii

1 Serge Gainsbourg, “Chatterton” (1967) (Chatterton suicidé/ Hannibal suicidé/ Démosthène suicidé/ Nietzsche fou a lier/ quant à moi, quant à moi/ ca ne va plus très bien)
2 Spooks, “The Mission” (2000) (when I’m hurtin’ it, the verbal philosophy resembles Socrates)
3 Immortal Technique, “The Prophecy” (2001) (discovering atrocities worse than Aristotle)
4 Katja Ebstein, “Die Hälfte seines Lebens” (1975) (Goethe und Schiller und Nietzsche und Wagner und Shakespeare/ belagern die Bar)
5 Crass, “Bloody Revolutions” (1980) (you romanticize your heroes/ quote from Marx and Mao)
6 Cypress Hill, “Lick a Shot” (1993) (this pine box/ ain’t strong enough to contain the afro Marx)
7 Tragically Hip, ”Problem Bears” (2002) (well, you’re a sober and green-eyed Voltaire)
8 Franco Battiato, “Tramonto occidentale” (1983) (Friedrich Nietzsche era vegetarian)
9 Manic Street Preachers, “Revol” (1994) (Mr. Lenin, awaken by the boy/ Mr. Stalin, bisexual epoch)
10 Ben Lee, ”Open Letter to the Prime Minister” (1998) (as far as I’m concerned/ Kant is a German philosopher)

Filosofit popissa xiv

1 Lou Reed, “Dime Store Mystery” (1989) (I know this feeling, I know it from before/ Descartes through Hegel/ belief is never sure)
2 Marcy Playground, “Deadly Handsome Man” (2004) (everything I said, like Socrates)
3 Jedi Mind Tricks, “Saviorself” (2004) (spit it like Aristotle)
4 Demimonde, “Les Sans Culottes” (2002) (c’est demibon comme Simone et Sartre/ [...] je connais bien les gigolos et courtisanes/ ces desmoiselles qui parlent de Descartes/ mais sont de Des Moines)
5 Lux Occulta, “Most Arrogant Life Form” (2001) (the poor old monkey Darwin was wrong/ there was evolution at all/ just the case history/ the syphilitic clown Nietzsche was wrong/ there is no Übermensch at all/ all I’ve heard of were Überworms)
6 Five Iron Frenzy, “My Evil Plan to Save the World” (1998) (I’d make Voltaire proud/ deep and furrow browed)
7 Scritti Politti, “Boom! There She Was” (1988) (I got a reason girl was Immanuel Kant’s and I like it)
8 Kevin Johansen, “Cumbiera intelectual” (2002) (Se puso a hablar de Jung, de Freud y Lacan [...] Jung, Freud, Simone de Beauvoir [...] y todo sobre el existencialismo alemán)
9 Beautiful South, “Oh Blackpool” (2006) (I wasn’t sure if it was Marx or Hitler/ that was in this year/ I hadn’t been to Brighton for a while/ so it wasn’t too clear)
10 Thrice, “Digital Sea” (2008) (and the ghost of Descartes screams again in the dark)

Filosofit popissa xv

1 Solefald, “Philosophical Revolt” (1997) (Confucius, Lao Tse, Socrates, Plato, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre & Beauvoir)
2 Divine Comedy, ”The Booklovers” (1994) (Wollstonecraft […]Tolstoy […] Sartre […] Beauvoir […] Camus […])
3 Laibach, “WAT” (2003) (from Marx and back to Plato)
4 A Tribe Called Quest, “Start It Up” (1998) (Aristotle, Plato, Freud)
5 Million Dead, “Reformulating the Challenge to Archism” (2002) (whether you choose to date it/ from Lao-tse and Diogenes,/ or the heresy of the spirit, or a man named Winstanley,/ or Pierre-Joseph and Mikhail in the  nineteenth century/, there has always been a link between the negative and the free)
6 Gino Vannelli, “Fallen in Love” (1995) (pondered zen and Zoroaster and the life ever after/ Blavatsky, Marx, Molière/ found Jesus and Siddharta in a bar in Djakarta/ chatting where the air is quite rare/ let Solomon keep his philosopher’s stone)
7 Paul Kantner, “Flowers of the Night” (1973) (Paine and Pierce and Robespierre, Juarez and Danton,/ Luther, King and Lumumba dead but far from gone/ Lenin, Cleaver, Jesus too, outlaws in their nations,/ revolutionaries all, dreamed of liberation)
8 KRS-One, “5 Boroughs” (1998) (teach him to respect Greek mythology/ Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Socrates)
9 Gogol Bordello, “Start Wearing Purple” (1999) (so yeah, I know it all from Diogenes to Foucault)
10 Tankard, “The Meaning of Life” (1990) (not a clue from Marx to Socrates)

Filosofit popissa xvi

1 Toyah, “Prostitute” (1988) (now don’t quote Karl Marx to me)
2 John Wesley Harding, “The King Is Dead Boring” (1996) (and now he’s quoting Nietzsche)
3 Crass, “Yes Sir, I Will” (1983) (smiling and  socializing/ endless philosophizing/ […] quotes from Mao or Stalin, Hitler of Marx/ simply confirms the oppression)
4 Pierre Perret, “Lily” (1977) (elle croyait qu’on était égaux/ Lily/ au pays d’Voltaire et d’Hugo/ Lily)
5 Thrice, “To Awake and Avenge the Dead” (2002) (I saw you killing Aristotle)
6 Joanna Newsom, “This Side of the Blue” (2004) (see him fashion a cap from a page of Camus)
7 Renaud, “Baby-Sitting Blues” (1985) (elle prepare une these sur Kant/ elle m’la f’ra lire)
8 Cream, “What a Bringdown” (1969) (Aristotle’s orchestra are living on a pill)
9 Mr T Experience, “Institutionalized Misogyny” (2004) (Michelle, ma belle/ ton beau, Michel Foucault/ a Foucault dependent is always ready to go/ I think we’re alone/ I might have known/ she’s got Chomsky on the phone)
10 Negrita, “Tonight” (2003) (se Beach o Beasties Boys/ se Marx o nevermind)

Filosofit popissa xvii

1 3 Lb. Thrill, “Born Again” (1995) (don’t look now, God falls through outer space/ curse the monkey for the human race/ thinks way back before Nietzsche and Darwin/ the old glory days)
2 Matthew Good Band, “Load Me Up” (1999) (Murphy’s fighting Occam, you’re in the stands)
3 The Clash, ”The Magnificent Seven” (1981) (Carlo Marx and Frederick Engels/ came to the checkout at the seven on eleven/ Marx was skint but he had sense/ Engels lent him the necessary pence)
4 Good Riddance, “Great Leap Forward” (2001) (weaned on the doctrines of Lenin and Marx)
5 Switchfoot, “Something More (Augustine’s Confession)” (1999)
6 Will Powers, “All Thru History”(1983) (certain individuals have emerged from the crowd/ Socrates, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, The Beatles)
7 Adam Ant, “Anger Inc.” (1990) (poor Jack Kerouac riding with his paperback Camus)
8 Styx, ”Fallen Angel” (1999) (I said nobody’s perfect/ from head to toe/ not Einstein or Elvis or Lenin or Marx/ or Marilyn Monroe)
9 Randy, “Randy I Don’t Need You” (1998) (we’re not Peter K., Emma, Gandhi and Marx reincarnated as a punkrockband)
10 Conor Oberst, “Cape Canaveral” (2008) (please, please, please, sister Socrates/ you always answer with a question)

Filosofit popissa xviii

1 Eminem, “Shady Records Mob Squad” (2001) (disaster comes faster than you can react to it, just ask Marx)
2 Dead Can Dance, “How Fortunate the Man With None” (1993) (you heard of honest Socrates/ the man who never lied)
3 Jacques Brel, ”Les bourgeois” (1962) (Jojo se prenait pour Voltaire/ et Pierre pour Casanova)
4 Ras Kass, “Nature of the Threat” (1996) (quoting German philosopher Schopenhauer/ […] influenced Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates)
5 Suede, “Obsessions” (2002) (it’s the way you don’t read Camus or Brett Easton Ellis)
6 A 3 (Alabama 3), “Bourgeoisie Blues” (1997) (Mr. I. V. Lenin, the Lenin of love/ gonna make us feel so fine)
7 Jude Cole, “Falling Home” (2000) (and I’m Aristotle waiting by the phone/ count the years)
8 King Crimson, “In the Wake of Poseidon” (1970) (Plato’s spawn cold ivied eyes/ snare truth in bone and globe)
9 Vienna Teng, “Augustine” (2009)
10 Dismemberment Plan, “The Love War” (1996) (the carriers of liberty’s lights/ Voltaire, Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Barry White)

Filosofit popissa xix

1 Chamillionaire, “Used to Love Rap”  (2005) (Ben Franklin)
2 Flo-Rida, “Right Round” (2009) (my Benjamin Franklin)
3 B. G., “Gangsta Shit” (1997) (from George Washington to Ben Franklin)
4 UGK, “Still Ridin’ Dirty” (2007) (I don’t know what them think my motivation is/ Benjamin Franklin)
5 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, “Clog Up Your Mind” (1997) (and Benjamin Franklin please come save me)
6 Regina Spektor, “Chemo Limo” (2004) (I had a dream/ crispy, crispy/ Benjamin Franklin came over, baby)
7 Lil’ Wayne, “Fly Out” (2005) (only history I know is Benjamin Franklin)
8 Lil’ Wayne, “The Other Side” (2008) (kill kill murder/ and Benjamin Franklin)
9 Lil’ Wayne, “Fo Sheezy” (2002) (got so many pictures of Ben Franklin)
10 Lil’ Wayne, “Got Money” (2008) (I mess with dead people/ like Benjamin Franklin)

Filosofit popissa xx

1 John Lennon, “Serve Yourself” (1980) (well, you may believe in Jesus and you may believe in Marx/ and you may believe in Marks & Spencer’s)
2 Housemartins, “I’ll Be Your Shelter” (1986) (if you’re living on the dole/ and there’s no sugar in your bowl/ all you need to do is give a little knock/ don’t despair, he’ll be there/ with his loving and his care/ Marx will work for us right around the clock)
3 Crass, “Sucks” (1978) (do you really believe in Marx?/ Marx fucks/ do you really believe in Thatcher/ Maggie sucks)
4 Legião Urbana, “Conexão Amazônica” (1987) (estou cansado de ouvir você falar/ em Freud, Jung, Engels e Marx/ intregas intelectuais/ rodando em mesa de bar)
5 Die toten Hosen, “Viva la Revolution” (1998) (der alte Marx wär’ sicher stolz auf uns)
6 Barnabas, “Suite for the Souls of Our Enemies I” (1984) (Stalin, Trotsky, Marx and Lenin/ scorned the blessed hope from heaven)
7 W.A.S.P., “Unholy Terror” (2001) (I’m riding on some atomic bomb/ manifested Marx)
8 Beautiful South, “Chicken Wings” (2000) (we could’ve courted Einstein/ we could’ve courted Marx)
9 Mansun, “Being a Girl” (1998) (the only pureness left is preached by Marx)
10 Sisters of Mercy, “Ribbons” (1990) (I tried to tell her about Marx and Engels/ God and angels, I don’t really know what for)

Filosofit popissa xxi

1 Brenda Lee, “You’re in the Doghouse Now” (1990) (I heard it from Socrates/ “Sleep with dog/ wake up with fleas”)
2 KRS-One, “Hip Hop V. Rap” (2003) (police be clocking me,/ but logically they got to be/ cause they were taught that serious poetry/ would come from Socrates)
3 Baby Bash, “Image of Pimp” (2003) (Baby Bash the ghetto Socrates)
4 Jimmy Buffett, “Cultural Infidel” (1996) (singing in the park/ Socrates, hypotheses, the music of Mozart)
5 Godley & Cream, “Punchbag” (1978) (come and get it Socrates/ got to hit back)
6 ApologetiX, “Corinthians” (2001) (if I have the faith and philosophy/ acting like I was smarter than Socrates)
7 Sarah Slean, “When Another Midnight” (2004) (it’s Socrates weeping in a wheelchair)
8 Harvey Danger, “The Ballad of the Tragic Hero (Pity and Fear)” (1998) (a little wisdom never hurt anyone/ tell that to Socrates)
9 Kristin Chenoweth, “There Will Never Be Another” (2000) (and if I could even quote a guy like Socrates/ even then I couldn’t comprehend)
10 Mötley Crüe, “The Sky” (1994) (Socrates inhaled it too)

Filosofit popissa xxii

1 Lazyboy, “This Is the Truth” (2004) (someone said to Voltaire, “Life is hard”/ Voltaire replied, “Compared to what?”)
2 Van Morrison, “I Forgot That Love Existed” (1987) (oh, oh, Socrates and Plato, they praised it to the skies)
3 Cold Chisel, “Bal-A-Versailles” (1998) (too stoned to move/ them and Aristotle)
4 Catch-22, “Bad Party” (2006) (the rudeness and disloyalty of which Lenin spoke)
5 Liz Phair, “Jeremy Engle”(2003)  (skewering Lenin)
6 Crass, “Deadhead” (1982) (Bakunin and bollocks and fun and farts)
7 Clutch,”Burning Beard” (2005) (Occam’s razor makes the cutting clean)
8 Information Society, “Can You Live as Fast as Me?” (1983) (Occam’s razor cuts so deep)
9 Tragically Hip, “Pascal’s Submarine” (2003)
10 Angela McCluskey, “Know It All” (2004) (oh God, you’re reading Albert Camus)

Filosofit popissa xxiii

1 Aceyalone, “Ms. Amerikkka” (2003) (this wasn’t taught by Socrates or Sigmund Freud/ this is simply God’s work)
2 Angry Salad, “How Does It Feel to Kill?” (1999) (two years at Ohio state, he was a boy, he was not a man/ Karl Marx and Ho Chi Minh, politics he didn’t understand)
3 Francesco Guccini, ”Nostra signora dell’ipocrisia” (1993) (chi sia Voltaire mi dite ?/ va be’, dopo ve lo spiego)
4 Negativland, “Freedom’s Waiting” (1993) (the right words, said Lenin, are worth a hundred ligaments)
5 Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, “Here’s to Life” (2001) (how did Camus really die that night?)
6 Rick Ross, “Maybach Music”  (2008) (got a killer’s intuition/ holding on that Mack 11, Machiavelli premonition)
7 Ministry, “Apathy” (2004) (go to Lenin or Marx, it doesn’t matter)
8 Ocean Blue, “Cathedral Bells” (2005) (Socrates, this world of ideas has all faded/ Solomon, these pages of goldare all jaded)
9 Church, “Welcome” (1996) (Camus and Tony Curtis and Donna Stone)
10 Rammstein, “Moskau” (2004) (Moskau, raz, dva, tri/ Moskau, posmotri/ pionery tam idut, pesni Leninu poyut)

Filosofit popissa xxiv

1 R.E.M., “Harborcoat” (1984) (they crowded up to Lenin with their noses worn off)
2 Beach Boys, “California Saga (The Beaks of Eagles)” (1973) (and Lenin has lived and Jehovah died)
3 Yup, “Tämä oli huono päivä” (1998) (leijui Lenin puhui)
4 Boomtown Rats, “Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee)” (1994) (and Lenin said “There is no heaven/ so I can’t believe in room 19”)
5 EMF, “La plage” (1995) (on the surf ‘cos Lenin’s dead)
6 Blitz, “Moscow” (1982) (Lenin was a lover and the dogs eat each other)
7 Tom Paxton, “Daily News” (1964) (yelling for Lenin and civil rights)
8 Golden Earring, “Planet Blue” (1994) (no one loved as much as me/ Lenin, Stalin, Marx and your KGB)
9 Die toten Hosen, “Disco in Moskau” (1986) (das Ende ist nah/ für Lenin und Marx)
10 Nazareth, “Party in the Kremlin” (1998) (people seeing red/ Lenin got the elbow)

Filosofit popissa xxv

1 Ray-J, “Keep Sweatin’” (2005) (tossed her up like Machiavelli/ and yeah, she was on me heavy)
2 Digable Planets, “Graffiti” (1994) (checking out some Fromm, some Sartre, Camus)
3 Killah Priest, “Atoms to Adam”  (1998) (philophosies and Greek mythologies/ going through the gloss-arys of Socrates with Pharisees and Sagulties)
4 Gadjits, “Beautiful Girl” (1997) (she could discuss philosophy/ or Russian literature/ […] she’s using those number systems/ from reading Blaise Pascal)
5 Babylon Whores, ”Omega Therion” (1998) (bore no trace of St. Augustine/ and you studied Plotinos […] Nietzsche, Vril und Gotterdammerung)
6 Object, “Foucault a Go Go” (2007)
7 Bad Religion, “Get Off” (1990) (searching like a Diogenes)
8 Spin Doctors, “Scotch and Water Blues” (2005) (Machiavelli on the door)
9 Al Stewart, “A Man for All Seasons” (1978) (while Thomas More waits in the Tower of London)
10 Witherspoon, “Poolside Schlegel” (2005) (he once tried deciphering modernity’s essence/ but that got old real fast so he switched to adolescence)