Chiaki Sakama's guest lecture "A Logical Account of Lying"; 17.9.2010, Helsinki

The logic seminar on the 17th of September, 10-12, in A110 (Metsätalo, Helsinki).

Guest speaker: Prof. Chiaki Sakama (Kyoto University)

Title:  A Logical Account of Lying

Abstract: This study aims at providing a formal account of lying - a dishonest attitude of human beings. We first formulate lying under propositional modal logic and present basic properties for it. We then investigate why one engages in lying and how one reasons about lying. We distinguish between offensive and defensive lies, or deductive and abductive lies, based on intention behind the act. We also study two weak forms of dishonesty, bullshit and deception, and provide their logical features in contrast to lying. We finally argue dishonesty postulates that agents should try to satisfy for both moral and self-interested reasons.  (The paper will appear in JELIA 2010.)

Short introduction of the speaker:
Chiaki Sakama graduated from Kyoto University in 1985 and received a Dr. Eng. degree in computer science in 1995. He worked at Toshiba and joined the Fifth Generation Computer Project in Japan. He has been at Wakayama University since 1995 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer and Communication Sciences. He has been engaged in research on logic programming, nonmonotonic reasoning, and machine learning. His recent research interests involve in theoretical foundations of multiagent systems.