Philip Mirowski's guest lecture "Has the Modern Regime of Commercialization Harmed Science?" at the TINT seminar; 7.6., Helsinki

PHILIP MIROWSKI (University of Notre Dame, USA) will be visiting TINT ( and will give a talk that deals with a very topical theme: today’s university and science under commercial pressures.

Time: Monday, 7 June, 14:15 pm.
Place: University of Helsinki, Main Building, Room 14

The title of the talk is
"Has the Modern Regime of Commercialization Harmed Science?"

The talk derives from Mirowski’s new book ScienceMart (Harvard University Press, in
press). If you are interested in some background materials, please contact uskali.maki(at)

Professor Mirowski is a multidisciplinary social theorist, historian and philosopher, with areas of specialization in the history and  philosophy of economics, and the economics of knowledge, with subsidiary areas in evolutionary computational economics, the economics of science and technological change, science studies and the history of the natural sciences. His books include The Effortless Economy of Science (2004), Science Bought and Sold (2001), Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes Cyborg Science (2001), More Heat than Light: Economics as Social Physics, Physics as nature’s Economics (1989).

His talk will be of interest to all concerned about contemporary higher education and scientific research, including not just philosophers, economists and sociologists of science, but also university administrators, students and scientists themselves, in all fields.

All are welcome to join the debate (or just watch it)!