14-15 June 2010
University of Helsinki, Metsätalo, Hall 1 (Unioninkatu 40)
Organisers: Academy of Finland, Philosophical Society of Finland, Russian
Academy of Sciences, Russian Foundation for Humanities, Russian Philosophical Society, University of Helsinki

Monday 14 June

9:00 Opening words, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Abdussalam Guseinov

  Session I: History of Philosophy
9:20 Taneli Kukkonen: "Narrative in the History of Philosophy"
9:50 Nelly Motroshilova: "Overcoming Stereotypes in the History of Philosophy"
10:20 Andrey Smirnov: "Is a Non-Western Philosophy Possible?"
10:40 Miira Tuominen: "Why Do We Need Other People to Be Happy? Other-Regard in Late Ancient Ethics"
11:00 Mikhail Gromov: "Typology of Russian Philosophy in the Context of
European Cultural Tradition"
11:20 Simo Knuuttila: "Unrealized Possibilities in the History of Modal Logic"
11:40 Maria Solopova: "Ancient Greece and the Orient in the Historico-Philosophical Studies"
12:00 Vesa Oittinen: "Free Subjectivity versus Substantialism: Genrikh
Batishchev's Critique of Il'enkov and Spinoza"
12:20 Svetlana Mesyats: "Plato's Concept of Science"
12:40 Olli Koistinen: "Panpsychism in Spinoza and Leibniz"

13:00 Lunch

  Session II: Contemporary Philosophical Questions
14:00 Vladislav Lektorskiy: "Tolerance and Dialogue as a Philosophical Problem"
14:30 Jaakko Hintikka: "Philosophical Research 2010: Problems and Prospects"
15:00 Juha Sihvola: "The Fragility of Development. The Capabilities Approach
and the Scarcity of Resources"
15:20 Valentina Fedotova: "Nature and Essence of Terrorism"
15:40 Sara Heinämaa: "Selfhood and Otherness: Common Topics for Husserl and Wittgenstein"
16:00 Boris Pruzhinin: "Phenomenon of Science in the Civilization of Knowledge"
16:20 Sami Pihlström: "Pragmatism and Metaphysics"
16:40 Elena Trufanova: "Personal Identity: Modern Challenges"
17:00 Martin Gustafsson: "Language Under Totalitarianism: Context and
Conceptual Loss"
17:20 Yury Pushchaev: "Internet as a Communication Environment and Postmodern Consciousness"

Tuesday 15 June

 Session III: Ethics and Political Philosophy
9:00 Timo Airaksinen: "Responsibility"
9:30 Abdusalam Guseinov: "Morality and Law: Lessions of Aristotle"
10:00 Heta Gylling: "Conservatism and Traditionalism as a Threat to Liberal
10:20 Maria Fedorova: "Dialogue in the Political Space"
10:40 Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila: "Method in Early Rawls: 'Two Concepts' as the Turning Point"
11:00 Olga Zubets: "Two Types of Morality and Two Ways of Ethical Speculation"
11:20 Mikko Yrjönsuuri: "The Two Conditions for Happiness"
11:40 Polina Gadzhikurbanova: "The Paradoxes of Ethics in Early Stoic Ethics"
12:00 Olli Loukola: "Roles, Responsibilities, and Real People: Has the
Rights-discourse gone Bankrupt?"
12:20 Ilya Erokhov: "The Political Philosophy as a Structural Unit of Political
Knowledge: Problem of Recognition"

12:40 Lunch

  Session IV: Logic and Philosophy of Science
13:40 Vjacheslav Stepin: "Historical Types of Rationality"
14:10 Gabriel Sandu: "Modal Logic and Future Contingents"
14:40 Alexandr Karpenko: "Philosophical Problems of Foundations of Logic"
15:00 Leila Haaparanta: "Theories of Judgment, Belief and Rationality in the
Early Twentieth Century: Remarks on Russell's and Husserl's Views"
15:20 Andrey Sevalnikov: "Physics and Metaphysics: New Realities"
15:40 Ilkka Niiniluoto: "Abduction and Truthlikeness"
16:00 Petr Kusliy: "Substitutivity in Belief Contexts Revisited"
16:20 Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "A Realist Modal-Structuralism"
16:40 Andrey Veretennikov: "Logical Positivism of Carnap and Neurath: Friends or Foes?"
17:00 Matti Sintonen: "The New Mechanical Philosophy"

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