Ethics and Epistemology; 3.6.2010, Stockholm

Stockholm June Workshop in Philosophy 2010:
Ethics and Epistemology
Thursday 3 June, D207, 10 am - 5 pm, room D207


10.00   Welcome
10.05   Brian McElwee (Oxford): ‘The Structure of Demandingness Objections’. Commentator: Katharina Berndt (Stockholm).
11.05   Coffee
11.20   Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm): ‘What Justifies Beliefs about One's Own Beliefs?’ Commentator: Sara Packalén (Stockholm).
12.20   Lunch
13.40   Karl Karlander (Stockholm): ‘The Varieties of Pain’. Commentator: Jonas Olson (Stockholm).
14.40   Break
14.45   Jonas Åkerman (Stockholm): ’Referential Intentions’. Commentator: Emma Wallin (Stockholm).
15.45   Coffee
16.00   Chris Heathwood (UC Boulder): ‘Could Morality Have a Source’? Commentator: Jens Johansson (Stockholm).

Organizers: Jens Johansson and Jonas Olson
jens.johansson(at); jonas.olson(at)

Attendance is free of charge and registration is not required. Papers will be posted at the workshop website (see on 20 May.