CFP: NPN workshop "Neo-Pragmatism, Language and Culture"; 28.-29.10.2010, Oslo

Neo-Pragmatism, Language and Culture
Perspectives on Rorty and Brandom

Oslo, Norway, October 2010
In connection with a visit of Professor Yajun Chen (Nanjing University), the Nordic Pragmatism Network and the University of Oslo will arrange a workshop on neo-pragmatism. The theme of the workshop is Richard Rorty’s and Robert Brandom’s views on world culture and language, emphasizing their commonalities and differences.
The main speaker of the workshop, Professor Chen, studied at Harvard, and has spent the last year as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Pittsburgh in collaboration with Robert Brandom. He is a distinguished representative of the growing revival of pragmatism in China, which already has important historical connections with the pragmatist tradition. Dewey spent two years in China at the beginning of the nineteen twenties, lectured to huge crowds, and had several pupils who survived the cultural revolution. Today there is a Dewey Centre in Shanghai. Eight decades later, Rorty also went to China (in 2004), for a visit which resulted, among other things, in the publication of Rorty, Pragmatism and Confucianism (edited by Yong Huang, SUNY Press, 2009).
The workshop will take place at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo in 28-29 October 2010 with Prof. Arild Pedersen as the local organizer and workshop secretary. The organizers will make hotel reservations on behalf of the participants. More information about accommodation will be available in later summer, 2010.
Call for Papers
The workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for ”learning by doing”, that is, the composing of articles/essays/books on the subject of the workshop: contributions may take the form of work in progress — even mere abstracts of forthcoming papers are welcome. Each speaker will be assigned 30 minutes including discussion. For those who might wish to participate in the program without presenting work, assignation as moderator or respondent is an option.
The organizers invite paper proposals to the workshop. Please send an abstract of 150-300 words to arild.pedersen(at) by 1 August 2010.