The eighth annual meeting of The Nordic Society for Phenomenology; 22.-24.4.2010, Stockholm

The Nordic Society for Phenomenology

The Nordic Society for Phenomenology / Nordisk Selskab for Fænomenologi (NoSP)
was founded in May 2001 in Copenhagen. Its aim is to further dialogue and cooperation between phenomenologists in the Nordic countries, and to promote scholarship, teaching, research,and publication affiliated with phenomenology.

The executive committee of the society consists of five members, one from each of the five Nordic countries.

Membership of the Society is free and open to all persons interested in furthering its purposes and in participating in its activities.

The eighth annual meeting of the Society will take place at Södertörn University College in Stockholm, April 22-24, 2010.



Thursday 22/4

17.00 MB 416, Registration
17.30 Words of welcome from the University: Rector Ingela Josefson. Music: Jörgen Petterson.
18.00 Ronald Bruzina “Phenomenology’s recovery of nature antecedent to naturalism”
19.30 Reception with buffet at Södertörn University
Chair: Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback

Friday 23/4

9.30 -11.00 MB 416, Camilla Serck-Hanssen "Critique conceived as Fundamental Ontology; Heidegger's Reading of Kant"
Chair: Hans Ruin
11.30-13.00 Parallel Sessions Section I
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.00 Parallel Sessions Section II
16.30-18.00 MB 416 Jeff Malpas “Nihilism and the Thinking of Place”
18.00-18.30 Board meeting
Chair: Sara Heinämaa

Saturday 24/4
9.30-11.00 MB 416, Panel on Eugen Fink’s Phenomenology
Chair: Sven-Olov Wallenstein
11.30-13.00 Parallel Sessions Section III
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Parallel Sessions Section IV
16.00-17.30 MB 416, Claudia Baracchi “The End of Philosophy and Another Beginning”
Chair: Hans Ruin
20.00 Conference dinner at Restaurant Rival

Parallel Sessions Section I
1a) MC 238, Phenomenology and Ancient Philosophy
Jussi Backman “The Unthought Distinction: Heidegger’s Notion of the First Onset of Western Philosophy”
Charlotta Weigelt: “The hermeneutic significance of Aristotle’s concept of chance”
Antonio Cimino: “Performativity and Philosophy as a Form of Life. New Perspectives on Heidegger’s Interpretation of Plato’s Sophist”
Chair: Hans Ruin

1b) MC235, Merleau-Ponty, Speech, Space, Gender
Anna Petronella Fredlund: “A phenomenology of speech: Merleau-Ponty’s reading of Saussure”
Petri Berndtson: “The Respiratory Constitution of Space and its connection to the Origin of Space”
Linda Fisher: “Gendering Body Memory in Merleau-Ponty”
Chair: Lisa Käll

1c) M243, Space and Orientations
Friederike Rese: “Places, Human Beings and Things”
Denisa Butnaru: “‘Distorted‘ Body, ‘Distorted’ Space”
David Connolly: “Space not spaces: Spatial unities in experiences of pathological synaesthesia”
Chair: Fredrika Spindler

1d) MC 544, Finitude and Responsivity

Anna-Karin Selberg: “Achtung versus wakefulness – Heidegger’s approach to Kant’s practical philosophy”
Thomas Schwarz-Wentzer: “Being responsive – an existentialist reading of the late Heidegger”
Eddo Evink: “A Phenomenology of Surrender”
Chair: Christian Nilsson

1e) MC546, Husserl, Eidetics and Life World
Mirja Hartimo “Husserl and algebra of logic”
Rosa-Maria Lupo: “The eidetic constitution of objectivity between Husserl and Aristotle”
Simo Pulkkinen: “On the Pregivenness of the Lifeworld”
Chair: Jonna Bornemark

1f) MC219, Phenomenology and Aesthetics
Trevor Perri: “The Imaginary and the Work of Art”
Mitha Firth: “Phenomenology and Anonymous Architecture”
Cecilia Sjöholm: “The Aestheticization of public space; art, phenomenology and the feminist revolt”
Chair: Sven-Olof Wallenstein

Parallel Sessions Section II
2a) MC 238, Phenomenology and psychoanalysis
Andrzej Leder: “Can Husserl’s concept of consciousness’ structure serve as a starting point for the development of a theory of not-conscious?”
Johan Eriksson: “Freud the reluctant philosopher – on psychoanalysis and its relation to science and philosophy”
Jagna Brudzińska: “In-depth Phenomenology and the dynamic of the unconscious experiences in the Psychoanalysis”
Nicholas Smith: “Husserl’s late philosophy of science and the Freudian contribution”
Chair: Christian Nilsson

2b) MC 235, Self and Other

Dan Zahavi: ”Shame and the exposed self”
Joel Backström: ”The phenomenology of conscience: turning ethics inside out”
Vivian Bohl & Bruno Mölder: “The directness of the other”
Chair: Jonna Lappalainen

2c) MC 243, Phenomenology of Affectivity
Hanne Jacobs: “Affection and Distance”
Irina Poleshchuk: “Affected intentionality in Levinas’ philosophy”
Christophe Perrin: “Useful but incertain: Heidegger’s critique of Pascal”
Chair: Carl Cederberg

2d) MC 544, Eugen Fink’s Critical Elaboration of Phenomenology
Daniele de Santis: “Fink’s Criticism of the Concept of Evidence”
Peter A. Varga: “Distinguishing between Fink’s and Husserl’s Notion of Phenomenological Philosophy”
Chair: Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback

2e) MC 546, Agency and Action
Ulrika Björk: “World and worldlessness. Romantic cosmopolitanism in the Varnhagen salon”
Hans Pedersen: “Heidegger’s Critique of Causal Theories of Action”
Martina Reuter: ”Hannah Arendt’s Concept of Personal Responsibility”
Chair: Charlotta Weigelt

2f) MC219, Community and Politics
Lisa Folkmarson Käll: “Community as Space of Sharing and Exposure”
Kristian Klockars: “Political Ontology, its Possibilities and Role”
Timo Miettinen: “Husserl and body politic”
Ramona Rat: “Singular and Multiple”
Chair: Anna-Karin Selberg

Parallel Sessions Section III
3a) MC 238, Intentionality and Hyletic Content
Ingvar Johansson: "How to Situate Fictions in the Spatiotemporal World – Developing Thoughts from Ingarden"
Dalius Jonkus: “Transformation of the Notion of Sensibility in Contemporary Phenomenology”
Helena de Preester: “Hylè and imagination: Sartre’s critique of Husserl”
Luis Niel: “The Fundamental Problem of the Phenomenology of Time: The Phenomenologizing of Primal Phenomenality in Husserl’s C-Manuscripts”
Chair: Johan Eriksson

3b) MC 235, The Spatiality of the Body

Dermot Moran: “Pain takes Place at a Distance from the Ego: The Experience of Inner Spatiality in Husserl and Stein”
Timothy Mooney: “On the Intelligence in Concrete Movement: Merleau-Ponty’s Proper Conclusion”
Rasmus Thybo Jensen: “Is spatial awareness in action conceptual?”
Chair: Carl Cederberg

3c) MC 243, Roundtable on Feminist Phenomenology
Lisa Folkmarsson Käll, Beata Strawarska and Lanei Rodemeyer
Chair: Sara Heinämaa

3d) MC 544, Bodily Reflection

Johan Eckart Hansen:  “Bodily reflection”
Wenjing  Cai: “Phenomenological Reflection and the Possibility of a ‘Phenomenological Language’”
Erika Ruonakoski: “Embodied Situation As the Object of Empathy”
Chair: Nicholas Smith

3e) MC 546, History and Death
Paul John Ennis: “Phenomenology and the Problem of the Ancestral”
Gabriel Malenfant: "'We Do Not Have a Present' Levinas, Wyschogrod, and the Dead Other"
Søren Gosvig Olesen: “The History of Reason”
Chair: Hans Ruin

3f) MC516, Intentionality
Jonna Bornemark: “Beyond naming and non-naming”
Anne Granberg: “Phenomenology of anonymity”
Māra Grīnfelde: “From Erlebnis to Erfahrung: The Quest for a New Understanding of Experience in Contemporary Phenomenology”
Chair: Karl Weigelt

Parallel Sessions Section IV
4a) MC 238, Phenomenology of the Unapparent

Andreea Parapuf: “Phenomenology and Tautological Thinking in the Later Heidegger”
Sinead Hogan: “Shifting grounds… ‘…der satz vom grund klingt an…’”
Fredrik Westerlund: “The Epiphany of the World: Heidegger’s late phenomenology of origins”
Chair: Fredrika Spindler

4b) MC 235, Phenomenology and Music
Peter Hanly:  “Dark Celebration: Heidegger and the Song”
Erik Wallrup: “The phenomenon musical space”
Jessica Wiskus: “Listening: On Phenomenological and Musical Form”
Chair: Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback

4c) MC 243, Indexicality and Intentional Content

James McGuirk: “Indexicality and the First Person Perspective”
Karl Weigelt: “What is in your mind? Phenomenology and theory of content”
Tõnu Viik: “Cultural constituents of intentional objects: towards reading noema as a cultural form”
Chair: Johan Eriksson

4d) MC 544, Technology, Nature and Subjectivity
Sven-Olov Wallenstein: “Husserl, the Earth, and Technology”
Björn Thorsteinsson: “Responsively entangled: Merleau-Ponty meets Niels Bohr”
Joona Taipale: “Husserl and Freud on the Origins of Otherness”
Chair: Anna-Karin Selberg

4e) MC 546, Phenomenology of Body and Organ
Lanei M. Rodemeyer: “Beyond Time: Considering Ecstatic Time through the Living Present and the Body”
Line Ryberg Ingerslev: “Bodily awareness and self-distance”
Fredrik Svenaeus: “What is an organ? Towards a phenomenology of organ transplantation”
Chair: Jonna Bornemark