Kant and Religion; 3.-5.12.2009, Oslo

Kant and Religion
University of Oslo, December 3-5, 2009

The Norwegian Kant Society is hosting a conference on the topic Kant and Religion, Dec. 3-5, 2009 at the University of Oslo. Invited speakers are Jens Timmermann,  Christoph Horn, Oswald Bayer, Svend Andersen, Toni Kannisto and Steinar Mathisen.

Best Regards,
on behalf of the Norwegian Kant Society
Toni, Anita and Camilla


*December 3*
16.00-16.15 Opening
16.15–17.00 Svend Andersen: "Kant on Religion in Philosophy and Politics"
17.00–17.45 Discussion
18.00–20.00 Reception

*December 4*
09.15–10.00 Oswald Bayer: TBA
10.00–10.45 Discussion
10.45–11.00 Break
11.00–11.45 Toni Kannisto: ”The Idea of God as Regulative Principle”
11.45–12.30 Discussion
12.30–14.00 Lunch
14.00–14.45 Steinar Mathisen: TBA
14.45–15.30 Discussion
15.30–16.00 Roe Fremstedal: “Kant on the Metaphysics of Hope”
16.00–16.30 Discussion

*December 5*
09.15–10.00 Jens Timmermann: “Morality and Devine Existence”
10.00–10.45 Discussion
10.45–11.00 Break
11.00–11.45 Christoph Horn: “Kant's Idea of a Virtue-Based Moral Community and his Political Philosophy".
11.45–12.30 Discussion
12.30–14.00 Lunch
14.00–14.30 Ilmari Jauhiainen: "Hegel's Criticism of Kant’s Moral Religion"
14.30–15.00 Discussion
15.00–15.45 Sigurd Hjelde: "Kant und die Anfänge der Religionswissenschaft"
15.45–16.30 Discussion