Guest lectures at Åbo Akademi University: Rupert Read 28.9, Nuno Venturinha 7.10

Guest Lectures at Åbo Akademi University

Place: Auditorium Westermarck, Arken, Åbo Akademi
Fabriksgatan 2/Tehtaankatu 2, Åbo/Turku

Måndag /Monday 28.9. kl 13-15 (1.15 to 3 pm)
Rupert Read (the University of East Anglia, Norwich)
Title to be announced.

Onsdag/Wednesday 7.10. kl 15-17 (3.15 to 5 pm.)
Nuno Venturinha (The University of Lisbon) Guest lecture: 
"Wittgenstein Reads Nietzsche: The Roots of Tractarian Solipsism".


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