Virat: Universitetslektor i teoretisk filosofi inriktning logik, Stockholm

En tjänst i teoretisk filosofi med inriktning mot logik har just blivit
utlyst vid Stockholms universitet. Sista ansökningsdag är 24 september.

Mer information:

Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy, especially Logic
The Department of Philosophy at Stockholm university is searching for a logician to ensure expertise in logic for future research and education within the leading area Logic and Language.

Main tasks:
The position is focused on research and teaching on basic, advanced and graduate levels, including supervision - primarily within logic but also in neighbouring subdisciplines of the broader discipline Theoretical Philosophy. The Senior Lecturer must be prepared to take on the main responsibility for the courses in logic given by the department and also to participate in administrative tasks within the department. The Senior Lecturer must also be prepared to develop international academic contacts and to cooperate with other universities and the society at large. Depending on the level of competence, the Senior Lecturer may during the first four years allocate considerable more time to research than ordinarily stipulated for a position as Senior Lecturer.

To qualify for employment as Senior Lecturer the applicant should have obtained a doctoral degree in a relevant field, completed teacher training in higher education or acquired similar knowledge in another way, and demonstrated pedagogical expertise.

 A general requirement for qualification is the ability to collaborate and the competence and suitability otherwise needed to carry out the work tasks successfully.

Applicants may request appointment at the rank of Professor; if so, this must be stated clearly in the application. In order to qualify for promotion to Professor, applicants must have demonstrated well-documented academic expertise on high internationel level and well-documented pedagogical expertise.

Assessment criteria:
In the evaluation of candidates for this post, equal weight will be given to the applicant’s research and teaching abilities. In addition to research and teaching abilities, it is desirable that candidates should show evidence of administrative skills  and ability to cooperate, as well as a record of research grants, project leadership and community outreach activities.
The application should preferably be written in English. It should be formatted according to the instructions available at Applicants are recommended to study the document "Documentation of qualifications for employment as a teacher", located at the same web address. Note that a maximum of 10 scientific works may be submitted as basis for the selection.

Further information about the position may be requested from Head of Department, Björn Eriksson, phone +46 8 16 33 46, e-mail bjorn.eriksson(a)

Trade union representatives are: Bo Ekengren, (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg (ST), phone switchboard +46 8 16 20 00 and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO) +46 70 316 4341.

We welcome your application. Mark it with reference number SU 612-1908-09.

The application must be received no later than 24 September 2009 addressed to:

Stockholm University, The Registrar, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden.