Seminar on primitivism, anarchism and anthropology – John Zerzan and the postmodern world

23rd May 2009, Tampere, Finland
13 -17, University of Tampere, PinniB3108

The seminar will be devoted to the thought of John Zerzan, anarchist and philosopher, whose critique of civilization and call for a non-domesticated form of life has been described as 'primitivist.' Zerzan has not only analysed agricultural and industrial society in detail, but also drawn on anthropological research on prehistoric and other 'primitive' societies in describing egalitarian and non-alienated ways of communal life. Zerzan has contributed to anarchist theory for decades, especially on topics of ecology, anti-technology, post-leftism  and postmodernity.

A tentative list of speakers & their topics for the seminar has been confirmed:

Gabriel Kuhn "Primitivism and the left: the challenges that lie ahead"
Tuomas Pylkkö "Civilization and violence in Zerzan"
Quin Aaron Shakra ""Rewilding" as practice"
Tere Vadén "Notes on language in Zerzan's primitivism"
John Zerzan "Complexity"